Denim roads

Going through your closet this fall and ditching your old jeans? Donate them to the play cause by making denim roads!

What you need:

  • jeans
  • scissors
  • yellow paint
  • paintbrush

What you do:

  1. Cut out roads about 6 inches wide (feel free to draw them out first with a permanent marker, if you want them to be really neat).
  2. Cut out cross-section roads and curved roads, too!
  3. Paint yellow stripes down the middle and set to dry. (If you’re real exact, you could always do the solid yellow next to the dashed yellow to signify passing or no passing, but that may be getting a little too detailed?)
  4. Use one of the back pockets of the jeans to roll up the roads and store for travel.

Thanks to my sister-in-law for sharing the link, and big thanks to lil Mop Top for the idea! (Check out her blog for some more pics of the roads.)


One response to “Denim roads

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! LOVE the name of your blog…too funny! 🙂 My sons love playing with these…when they aren’t fighting over them. 🙂

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