Fastening a belt

What you need:

  • detergent bottle
  • scissors
  • black tape, electrical (optional)

What you do:

  1. Make a round cut around a large bottle.
  2. Trim to make the round shape shown in the picture with the blue round piece.
  3. Cut two slits for insertion.
  4. Trim the inserting end so that the part inserted is a bit more narrow than the rest. (This will make it easier to see which part gets inserted.)
  5. Add black contact paper or electrical tape to create color contrast. (Optional)
  6. Insert the narrow end from the bottom up through the first slit and then down into the second one. Voila!

This idea helps teach the basic skills needed for closing a belt. Once this skill is mastered, then adding in the buckle is the next step.

Because it is easier to take the “belt” apart, consider teaching this skill first by making a couple of “belts” already linked together and ask the child to take them apart.

I’m going to be trying this soon with one of my students, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Big thanks to The Recycling OT for the original idea.


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