Wikki Stix and Bendaroos

With school in full swing, here are a few ideas of activities to do with one of my favorite therapeutic tools:

  • Complete dot-to-dot activities
  • Trace simple shapes, pre-writing strokes, and letters using stix
  • Use your finger to trace created shapes to provide kinesthetic and tactile input during writing practice
  • Outline pictures to provide tactile boundaries when coloring
  • As an alternative to drawing pictures, use stix to illustrate stories/ideas
  • Place on lined paper to provide a raised  baseline and to improve letter orientation to baseline
  • Use as a fidget to provide a calming effect during instructional periods, which may help increase focus on classroom activities

Fortunately now, buying these are highly cost-effective and super easy. They’re called “Bendaroos” and can be found in the toy section of most toy stores (ie: Toys’R’Us, Walmart, etc.). I just bought a pack of 500 in a whole myriad of colors for only $10.

(As a short aside, my dad bought these for our neighbor kid for her birthday – talk about a proud daughter! I was SO happy that he was helping this child’s creativity and fine motor skills using a therapeutic tool that I use in OT quite often.)

More suggestions and printables available at Wikki Stix and Bendaroos.


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