Just a little fun for all …

So, I’ve never really considered myself in the “blogger-sphere” (ha – is that even right?), and I’ve never really considered myself a writer, per se. I just never thought it was “for me.”

But, here’s the deal. I LOVE sharing all the great information that I catch from other sites (particularly in the areas of: saving money, fun activities for the young and young at heart, therapy ideas, recipes, and the like).  And, instead of inundating my friends’ and families’ inboxes with links and such (that you may or may not want), I’ll blog it.

I’d love to one day think that I could be as interesting and readable as the Pioneer Woman, as saavy as Kelly with Faithful Provisions, or as creative as any one of the many therapy sites that I visit. But, until that day comes, feel free to enjoy the ride and journey with me.


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